The Road To Miami (US ONLY)

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Brief description of the book By Chantal Martinez Blanco (NCAA Division 1 tennis player for the State University of New York at Buffalo)

Martha with her book which I can take with me anywhere and read anywhere, it is my ally and my personal instructor. By reading this book I noticed how much time and effort was put into it due to its ingenious aspects and concepts. Martha has inserted her life’s work in this book and as well personal experiences that help the reader understand how this process works with different type of situations. The originality and simplicity yet truly instructive content are what have captivated me. Martha created a system that consists of three crucial keys that give you a solid mental base to reach your highest potential as an athlete, these being: Self-Awareness, Self-Acceptance & Commitment. Each one contains a chapter and all are fully explained in detail and with examples. Moreover, Martha has introduced 7 tools that allow you to improve each area of your mental game. Tools that play a key role in helping you perform more effectively such as Preparation for Competition and Emotional Control. Also, this book is extremely reader-friendly and organized as it contains graphic examples, bold sentences, bullets, content description, step-by-step instructions and even numerated questions for reflection at the end of each chapter to help the reader apply what was previously read to his or her own situation. For more assistance, Martha includes a mental conditioning assessment at the end of the book for the reader to identify their current state in their athletic performance which is extremely beneficial for self-awareness. The book does not possess a tedious characteristic since it is only 132 pages long which imply especially in this case how quality overpasses quantity. “The Road to Miami” is precisely the mental roadmap to your highest potential as a tennis player and it is just starting! I hope you enjoy it and make the most use of it as I have done and continue to do.



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