Mental Conditioning is the ability to understand where you are in regards to your strengths, needs and limitations. It is accepting where you are in the here and now to commit to the roadmap to achieve your dreams.

My system consists of 3 keys which gives you a solid foundation for your mental game in order to achieve your highest potential, not only in tennis but also in life in general. In addition to these 3 keys are 7 tools which allow you to improve each area of your mental game.

You need to have a solid foundation to base your mental growth towards your highest potential as a player. Without this foundation you cannot build or develop the appropriate road that will take you to your final destination or dream. In this exploration towards your highest potential there are different intermediate stops on the road that you must identify, to recognize if you are on the right road or you took an exit or detour.  In my opinion after so many years of experience as an athlete, coach and psychotherapist the 3 keys that are the foundation to enter the right road towards your dream are:

  1. Self awareness
  2. Self acceptance
  3. Commitment

The 7 tools that are fundamental areas of mental training to reach your dream are:

  1. Self motivation
  2. Self image
  3. Self confidence
  4. Winning attitude
  5. Attention control
  6. Emotional control
  7. Preparation for competition.

Please fill out the following Mental Conditioning Assessment which will identify your level at the present time of each of the seven tools, with this assessment I can develop the right road map for you.

I am looking forward on being part of your training team.


Martha Cobo, MS, MHC                                                                                                                              Martha Cobo Sports Performance, LLC